Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'm still alive!

Well since we last spoke...

The weekend before last started off with the lovely stomach flu. David woke up in the middle of the night throwing up, it lasted about 24 hours with him. Steve started throwing up sunday afternoon and I woke up sunday night or monday morning witht he crap and 2 days later I was finally able to move. The throwing up wasn't so bad, but I felt like someone beat every inch of my body. I felt brused and battered it wasn't a nice flu bug... Then Colton whacked his eye with one of those sticky hands so I had to take him to the eye dr, because it looked bad! The doctor looked at it with the glow in the dark dye and everything was all good. He had some minor abrassions, but nothing in the cornea. I thought everything was good until wednesday, we had managed to get to hockey and school with no one sick! Then wednesday I get the call that Colton is sick and I need to come get him ten minutes after school started. So he missed wednesday and thursday of school. On top of all of that I have had this awful sinus headache, and stuffy head earache stuff that I have been fighting for about a month. I went to the dr. today and he shot me up with some kind of allergy stuff, gave me a perscription, and some eye drops, because I looked like I had pink eye in both eyes. I am already feeling better from that and hopefully the shot keeps the allgeries at bay. I am so happy the eye drops stopped the itching as soon as I used them life got better.

We did manage to get the back deck finished, made it to every hockey practice, and even made it to school early for David's student council meetings! I was totally impressed with my accomplishments, but then most days just getting the boys to school before the bell rings is a major accomplishment for us!

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