Monday, October 10, 2005

Ice is nice!

The dues are paid and tomorrow it's time to take the ice and drop the puck! David and Cam are both playing this year. David can hardly wait to get back on the ice. Cam is excited because his cousin is playing as well. I am not as excited, tuesdays we will be at the rink from 5:30 until after 8 so that makes for a long night. The boys will have to come home get homework done and a snack and then we will have to dress Cam and head out the door so he can be on the ice! David will have to bring whatever homework he has left and him and I can work on it while Cam is on the ice and vice versa! I usually try to get them in bed by 9, but tuesdays we will be lucky to get to bed by 10 after they come home and eat and all of that! I can hardly wait until they get to play some games though. There is nothing more fun than to watch your kids play a sport!

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