Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Things I am pondering

Things I am pondering tonight:

First this,
What the hell happened to the AVS?  They played a very sloppy game of hockey.  Their passing skills where on the same level as a mite team in the 3rd period, and when someone did manage to get a pass off flawlessly the person they passed to couldn't pick the puck up if it had been the size of a freaking basketball.  They had absolutely no control of the puck what so ever, they just knocked it around the ice, no looking where they were passing, not knowing where the puck was half the time. Sloppy Hockey boys very sloppy!  I love my AVS, and they can play beautiful hockey, Monday nights games was a perfect example, but tonight was sad.  I don't expect them to win all the time, but I do expect the same thing from them as I expect from my own children, to put forth their very best effort.  Tonight's game lacked much effort.  Friday I expect better, weather you win or lose boys let put forth the effort.  Play a smooth game of hockey, make every pass count, work that puck down the ice, be ready for the passes, and for god sakes get someone in front of the damn net you are wasting your scoring opportunities when your whole damn line is behind the net fighting each other for the puck.  

And then,
I am going to get my coaching certificate and help coach the little kids, that might be a little scary for them and for me, but I figured what the hell I might as well.  

Now this,
The price of oil needs to go down a great deal, not because of the price at the pump, but it is seriously cutting into quality time with my husband.  He has been gone so much the last 2 months that when he does show up I check ID at the door just to make sure he really is who is says he is, and it won't stop until the price of oil goes down and they stop all this damn drilling!.  

And now,
Speaking of jobs if anyone wants a job in the oil field and you have a CDL I know where you can go to work today drop me an email and I'll hook you up.  It is kind of like a job in the Army you know see the world while your earning money except you don't see the world just a whole lot of the rockies mountain states and you earn a lot more money, and by that I am not saying you will be paid well, just better than the government would pay you.  

Ok this is the last one,
I need to clean off this desk.  I am sure there are things lost in here, important things like the water bill and that book I started reading a few months ago and misplaced.  I don't know why I am keeping half the things that find there way to my desk…

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