Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hockey was great!

We dug through gear Monday night to make sure both boys had everything and it all fit, and then David says, "mom you didn't get my skates sharpened!" Well that was just peachie, one more thing on my list of things to get done Tuesday! I took the boys to school, came home threw a roast in the crock pot, got showered and dressed, started a load of laundry. I sat down looked at the clock and it was time to go get Colton, so I grabbed up the skates and ran out the door. I managed to get the skates to the ice rink just as the guy who sharpens them was leaving so I did some quick begging and he took pity on me and stayed to put an edge on the skates. I have to get Cam some socks and a helmet still.

Cameron in the black

We got Cameron dressed, and left for the rink a little after five. He was so excited to finally be getting to play hockey. We got to the rink, picked up his skates and got them on his little feet, along with David's helmet. He waddled off to the bench to wait for the zamboni to finish up so he could get out there. I was a little scared that he wasn't going to like skating. The last time we went he skated for about 15 minutes, fell down, and decided he was cold and was ready to take his skates off. I had no reason to worry really. He skated out with no help and the whole night he only fell a few times and he got right back up. I didn't get to watch as much as I would have liked as we had a parent meeting, which is pretty much to welcome the new parents and give them all the information and sign up to be team parents. I signed up for both boys this year. We got out of the meeting and I had to run to the locker room, because we have a new rink manager and he doesn't want the kids dressing in the lobby, which is just crazy because our locker rooms are the size of a large bathroom and trying to get 40 kids and 40 parents in there is not going to happen. So I took David in to help him get dressed, he can get most all his gear on by himself, but still needs a little help getting his garter and socks fixed right and getting his skates laced up tight. I told the D man to get his stuff on and I ran out and got Cam as he was coming off the ice. We rushed into the locker room, I snatched Cam's skates off, got the socks that the boys had to share, because we managed to get to the rink with the one pair, and managed to get David's skates laced up and have him out the locker room door before his ice time started. I was impressed with our ability to get one dressed and the other one undressed in record time! Then I ran back up the stairs to make it to David's parent meeting! Over all things went really well and it can only get easier from here!


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