Tuesday, January 09, 2007

In the news today

Lets see where to start?

Steve's France trip got pushed back to March because they were to busy right now to send him, but since Christmas I have seem him about 3 days. I think him working out of town a lot is the glue that holds our marriage together as I am not an easy person to live with, but neither is he most days. We appreciate each other much more when we don't see each other everyday.

Basements dry and cleaned up, but the rest of my house is starting to look like a crack house it such a mess! My cleaning days have been reduced to Thursdays and Sat. the rest of the week things just pile up.

David goes to Jackson to play hockey this weekend. He said they are going to take first place up there and I hope they do! That would be so cool for them. Steve was suppose to take them, but he is in Utah this week and who knows if he will get screwed out of his vacation or not! I hope that he can take them. I would love to go and watch them play, but I can see them play here in Feb. and I'll take him on the March trip we go on. It would be a good weekend for Steve and David to spend some quality time together. Sometimes they get on each other nerves, probably because D is his mothers child, and the same things that irriate me irriate him as well.

I am still working. I love my job really. It is like I went from being a mom to 3 to a mom of 300, and just like at home some days are very trying. Over all it's worth it though.

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