Sunday, January 14, 2007

2 Goals in 5 games

I got the call this morning that the boys had another shut out and they would be playing for 1st place at 11:30. I was amazed that was 3 shut outs in 4 games. That is awesome! So I got the other 2 ready and off we went to watch Cam play his hockey game today. I am back behind the bench doing the scoreboard when my pocket started viberating, get your minds on track here, my phone was in my pocket! I quickly grab the phone to hear "well they shut 'em out again!" I started jumping up and down and screaming and was extreamly overjoyed as everyone in the ice rink looked at me like I had lost my mind. I didn't care I was so excited I couldn't stand it I ran over to Cam grabbed him by his head and started shaking him shouting "they won Cameron they won." Cam's coach looked at rather funny so I slinked back to my spot behind the score board.

David called me after every game to let me know what happened and who made goals and who got assists and he gave me the play by play of every game... I think he missed me! They are on their way home and he just called wondering what time they had hockey tonight... they are still 3 hours away and hockey is a 6. I don't think they are going to make it, but as he was hanging up I heard him inform his dad that he needed to drive faster. I don't think he even likes playing hockey! I just can't wait for them to get home so I can wrap my arms around him and tell him that I am proud of him!

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