Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ever feel like that?

I have just been spinning, and I can't wait until March is here and hockey is over! It will be so nice to not have to run to the rink every night and that god awful one of friday mornings is going to be the death of me! Not to meantion the total battle that is going on right now. We have a thing called state games here it is kind of like the olympics, but only teams from our state play. Well we have played on cross ice all season, and really it has worked out well for our kids that are on the travel team, but the kids that aren't have not really progressed as greatly as promised. Which doesn't effect me, because David is skating pretty well, and loves playing on full ice anyway. He knows icing and off sides and he likes have a position to play.

So the thing is these state games are more than likely going to be played on full ice, the kids that have never played full ice don't have a clue how different it is. So we were suppose to play the rest of the month on full ice to get them prepared for what the tourney would be like... well that didn't fly with some people. Now there is a huge battle going on worse than when they first introduced cross ice. There are now all these meeting to establish just how we need to go about all this and by the time we get it all figure out they will maybe have one chance to get on full ice. So everyone is upset about something and I'm so sick of hockey it's unreal!

The subbing job is about up, but I interviewed for the full time position. I don't know if I will get it, but I am hopeful. I really like the people over there and the kids are great! I should know soon.

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