Monday, November 13, 2006

Parent teacher conf.

We had our parent teacher conferiences last thursdays and I am pleased to say that all 3 boys are right on track this year! Do you know how good that feels to be able to say they are all 3 doing pretty darn good!

Colton has a problem with talking, but I knew that going in, and I have subbed in his class several time this year already so I know how he is, but he is still learning and doing great!

Cameron started off struggling a little, but then got into the swing of things again and is doing well. He doesn't like to write, which is weird considering how much writing I love! His dad isn't a writer though so that could be where he gets it.

Then we move on to the D man, this child who for the last few years of school has had anxiety issues, low self confidence, and just over all a very hard time trying to master his reading is now raising his hand and answering questions he is eager to go to the board and work out math problems, and he is improving on his reading daily! He is back with his same teachers, and she said "Jenn he is a different child this year, he isn't so shy, and he isn't scared to raise his hand. He is doing great this year." I was so happy, and I think the decision to keep him in 2nd grade was the best one for him!

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