Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 review

Well much like 2005 this year didn't offer much excitement, but then I am getting older and don't require much excitement anymore.
The good things about last year:

David is doing so much better in school that my stomach isn't in knots and my heart isn't breaking making him go off to school nearly as much as it had in the past.

I started working in the school so I have some of my own money and I am off when my babies are home!

The boys had a great christmas.

My granny is much better than she was over the summer.

I lost 30 pounds.

Bad things:
I lost my best friend Doc. That was and is still very hard. He is on the TV stand and I still talk to him most days.

The guinea pig incendent. (D stepped on him and killed him).

I only lost 30 pounds!

Things I am going to do this year:

Listen to more music. I didn't listen to music nearly enough last year and it makes me happy.

Go see my granny.

Go ice skating with the boys more!

Lost more weight!

I wouldn't really call them resolutions just plans. Plans change resolutions fail! Happy New Year!

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