Wednesday, December 27, 2006


If I have to listen to anymore star wars games I may scream! The boys got a play station and I swore I was never going to let them have one, but I caved in to the pressure. I have given them free play til tomorrow then they go on the timer and can have it for 45 minutes each until christmas break is over. The newness will wear off soon and they won't want to play it so much after awhile. Guitar Hero is pretty fun, but other than that I could take it or leave it. I'm not much of a video game fan myself. They made out like little bandits. We have new hockey backpacks, gear, and cards. We have an interactive drawing table thing, playstation and games, nerf guns, moon shoes, GI joe stuff, and light sabers scattered about the living room. I don't even remember what color the carpet in here is because there is so much stuff laying around. They pick it up and cart more out so I gave up trying to clean up!

I got some clothes, a shampooer for the carpet (if I find the carpet again I may try it out), music download card, and a huge frying pan that will actually cook 6 pork chops at one time in one pan! The bigger they get the more food I have to make and that always means more dirty dishes! I also got some nice towels and a vcr/dvd recorder.

Over all it wasn't a bad christmas I've had worse that is for sure. Mom and dad came up and we went out to eat dinner because they couldn't be here that long. It was nice to play with toys and then go eat, come home and nap for an hour. I always hate having to cook and clean up everything. I think that is what we will do from now on.

Hope you all had a nice Christmas and Happy New year to you all!

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