Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What day is this?

Wow I can't believe that we have been in school almost a month already! I don't know what happened to the days, but they seemed to have gotten away from me. We are all back at school or in my case work. Hockey try outs for the D man are this coming weekend already, but there are so many kids trying out that we may not make the team this year, which isn't all that bad really. All that traveling gets old after awhile. Cam will be on the travel team so there goes my friday mornings it'll be up again and at the rink by 6:15! If D makes the travel team then it will be up and to the rink by 5:45 oh the joy of boys in sports!

Lets see nothing exciting has happened in our little part of the world at all which is honestly a good thing because when there is excitment that usually means something has gone wrong.

Colton is still trying to romance every woman from 6 to 60 within a 100 mile radius, and he still has smooth moves. I may have to beat the moves out of him if he keeps this up beyond 10! The boys are doing ok with school. David will never really enjoy it. I wish learning wasn't such a struggle for him. Cam tends to get it after awhile, but he is such a lazy learner hoping someone will just give him the answers and he doesn't have to figure them out on his own! Colton loves learning and soaks up new information like my dry skin soaks up lotion! Standing outside for 4 hours a day has really made my skin dry, and nothing seems to keep the moisture in!

Well that is about all I have left in me I have been drained every night this last month and 10 o'clock seems more like 2 in the morning!

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