Friday, March 16, 2007

Pondering the meaning of life

"Hey that looked like hockey coach!" Cam says, referring to D's coach who is an adorable 22 year old kid, and by adorable I mean makes me wish I were 22 again.

"That wasn't him Cam that was a lady." I say wondering why he would even say it looked like him, because this was a blond older lady. I just shook my head in confusion.

"Maybe it was his wife." Cam states.

"He's not married Cameron." D says.

"Why not?" Cam says, and without waiting for a reply he says, "He could marry you mom."

I started laughing and said, "What about your dad?"

"He can find another girl." Cam says.

"Hockey coach?" I ask thinking he has changed his mind at the mention of his father.

"No dad can get him a new wife, and you can marry hockey coach." by this point my eyes are watering because I am laughing.

"I'm almost old enough to be his mother honey. I don't think your dad wants to find a new wife anyway."

"Your in your 30's and he's in his 20's it isn't that much mom, besides dad would probably like a new wife." Cam says nodding his head and you can see the wheels turning in there. "Yep you could ask him?"

"Ask dad if he wants a new wife?" I'm still laughing.

"No ask hockey coach if it bothers him you are in your 30's." I about had to pull the car over I couldn't see, I could hardly breath, and my side still hurts from laughing.

"I'm pretty sure it would bother me!" I say.

"Why? He plays hockey mom." and I guess to a 7 year old that is the only prerequisite I should have, my singles ad would read "Must play hockey, nothing else matters."

I think Cam misses his dad and is thinking he is never coming back anyway, so he might as well pick one out now at least that way he will have a choice in who it is.

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