Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I waited anxiously for the UPS truck to arrive, and I let out a deep sigh when he finally showed up with my package, a package that promised to give me all the pleasure I could handle! I signed the little board and quickly grabbed my treasures and ran inside. I tore the box open shivering at the thought of what was inside, and ripped through all the plastic wrapping, they wanted to be sure it was safe in it journey to me. It was smooth with just the right amount of curves and it fit perfectly into my hand. I thought it was perfect as I turned it around and around in my hands stroking it and admiring it's beauty. I couldn't wait to use it, oh god the batteries I thought were the batteries charged or would I have to wait to play with my new toy until they were able to power it up. Please let them be charged I prayed as I gently opened the little door, I slipped the batteries in. I closed my eyes hoping something would happen, and I hit the switch. OH yes, they were fully charged! I quickly began pressing buttons as it began doing different things, and I became more and more excited by my purchase. It is perfect and it cost way to much money and now I want all the accessories to go with it, and there are a lot of accessories. I am sure I could spend hours using it at a time, and I probably will. I've already used it several times just today! You want to see a picture of it? Well click here.

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