Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Where ya goin'?

Yesterday I went to the humane society shelter with my baby and his class for their field trip. I love 5 and 6 year olds they are a great source of entertainment. This was the first bus trip for many of them and they were so excited about getting to ride the bus! Colton inturpted the quiet game to whisper "It's my mom's birthday", well the quiet game was over at that point as 16 little kids started yelling "Happy Birthday Colton's mom!" It was very cute. We got to go into the cat room and my allgeries are still crazy today! I found about 10 dogs that I wanted to bring home with me, but didn't, and we made it back to the school in one piece.

Last night we had D's travel team tryouts. I found out that they practices are at 6 in the morning on fridays at this time, but they are trying to change them to a different time. There is no possible way I can get 3 kids up and ready before 6 in the morning. We would have to leave the house by 5:15 in order to get to the rink on time, which put us getting up about a quarter to 4 in the morning. That isn't going to happen, even D said "I won't be going if it's that damn early!" Then I have to send these same sleep deprived children to school all day after that, and they would never make it through the day. On one hand I wouldn't mind if he didn't play travel, because it just means more time I have to be at the ice rink and on the other I know he would love to do it so I hope they get the time fixed.

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