Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm to sexy!

It was last Tuesday, and the boys were getting ready for hockey. David was standing there in his underwear and a tee shirt when all of a sudden he breaks into "I'm to sexy for my shirt oh yeah to sexy." and starts swinging the shirt above his head, and shaking his butt. I had to leave the room I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my cheeks. I have no idea where my oldest child learn the art of strip tease, if you could call it that he is as graceful as his mother, or why he decided to put on a show, but I know he is so modest that me and his brothers will be the only ones to ever witness his brazen display. He usually won't even dance with me if anyone else is over, we do that a lot turn on music and dance around the living room. David is easily embarrassed and dancing isn't cool. So to witness a moment of him being crazy was very funny.

Last night Colton was in bed and he wouldn't go to sleep. He kept talking and smacking his brothers, and he was just being a little shit. I told him to go sleep in my bed. He gets up walks into the hall and says to me "Listen here woman you don't even know who your messing with! Parents are weak!" Well I gave him my most stern look and told him he would find out who he was messing with if he didn't get in bed and go to sleep. He ran as fast as he could to my bed, and the minute he was out of sight I giggled.

Cam walked in from playing outside the other day and he looks at me and says "I don't even know why they make white crayons, paper is white duh!" he shrugged his shoulders and walked away again before I could even say a word about it.

I sent Colton and Cam to their room the other day because they were in trouble for fighting with each other and tattling to me. All of a sudden I hear "Let's get this party started" "Raise the roof Ohhh oohh" "Oh Yeah Oh Yeah". Then they both started singing at the top of their little lungs! Needless to say I walked in and told them to go play outside. I figure if they can get along that well being in trouble together they will be fine!

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