Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What not to get your wife for Christmas!

Worst gift this year: Ionic Pro air filter from my husband.
Best gift this year: AVS sweatshrit from my mommy!
Over all Christmas was a big disappointment. I never did get in the Christmas mood, and my tree is already put away, the lights are off the house and you can't even tell we had Christmas here.

The boys on the other hand had a great Christmas. Colton got a drum kit that he really likes. He sits down at the little chair, beats the sticks together and counts off 1,2 1,2,3,4 and begins to beat the drums for about 5 minutes then he stands up, throws his arms above his head and yells "Thank you, thank you my fans."
David got the Star Wars light saber game that plugs into their new TV, and that game is freaking work. He is a little sweatball after he plays it. Cam got the paintball game and he is a better shot than his dad. Overall they had a great Christmas which made mine a lot less disappointing. They all got a lightsaber and Steve and I have had more fun with them than the boys have. Those damn things are fun, and I am quickly on my way to becoming a master Jedi with as much as I play with them!

Hope everyone else had a great Christmas and don't forget we have a new story contest going on at Fizzle and Pop forum. Come on over and play!

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