Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Oh the Joy.

I have done as little as possible for the last 2 days. I cleaned up the basement and put the air hockey table together and beat all the boys in a game. I have chated on the phone and the computer. I have played with the dogs. I have read most of the new book I got in my stocking. Now I am going a little crazy. I think I may have to go shopping or ice skating or something! To be on the go all day and half the night and then just stop is a little to much. I need to find a middle ground somewhere.

We had a good visit with my sister. It was way to short, but it was nice to see her. When we were at the airport Colton said to her "Aunt Jo can't you just find a good home here?" It was sad they didn't want her to go. I am glad that they love her so much and she loves them. I wish she lived closer. We had a big scare with my granny. She has pnemonia and ended up going to the hospital. She got to go home yesterday with a breathing treatment machine and a bottle of oxygen. I am so thankful she is feeling better.

Now I am going to try to get caught up on blog reading. I have missed everyone these last few weeks.

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