Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Seasons change and kids are funny

Colton is such a funny child. The other night we were standing in the kitchen and Steve kissed me and Colton gives his dad a push and tells him "Get away from my wife". It's funny because he is four, now if he still wants to "marry me up" when he is 10 or 11 I may start to worry a bit, but coming from a four year old it is the sweetest thing a mom can hear.

Anyone who has read for awhile knows how I feel about video games, but between Christmas and birthday's we have quite a few of those damn plug and play games, I guess everyone thinks they don't qualify as video games! Now there seems to be games plugged into my TV all the time, which annoys me to no end, but what can a mom do? Last night Steve and David were playing NHL 95, and David was kicking his dad's butt. I watched my 41 year old husband turn into a 7 year old! After about the 6th goal in less than 5 minutes of play David informed his dad "You kind of suck at this dad!" to which his dad said "Yeah why don't you just shut up David!" Then 2 or 3 more goals from David and the D man asks "you want me to get you some goals dad?" "NO!" stammered his father. Steve finally had enough and they ended the game. D tells his dad "You can all my goals dad, and then I can be the sore loser." The things you learn from your children!

Cameron has decided that he wants his birthday in the summer when there isn't any snow on the ground, his is in January. He is sad because he doesn't get any good outside stuff for his birthday "like water guns and that kind of stuff." I think I will have to buy some extra ones this summer and put them away for his birthday, because that just made me a little sad!

I am off to watch the snow fall, yes it is snowing here!

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