Monday, December 03, 2007

A mutts a mutt!

Wow I am amazed at people, and wondering about the survival of the human race! I was in the mall and saw these adorable little puppies and then I read the sign "Pugapoo's $800.00". I asked the lady what the hell a pugapoo was and she smiles at me and says "It's a cross between a pug and a poodle" I then giggled and said "SO it's a mutt." People if it's a cross bread it's a mutt. I don't care if they slap a fancy name on it like Labradooble or pugapoo it's a freaking mutt and your getting rip off if you are paying more than the spay and neuter costs for it that the local shelter would charge. A word of advice for those of you stupid enough to pay over 50 bucks for a cross bread dog WAKE UP and quit bending over and taking it from behind... There is nothing wrong with mutts they are good dogs, but there is something wrong if your actually paying pure bread prices for one!

It's a long the same lines as a person born in the United States saying they are Mexican American or Afro American... Ok your not Mexican or African if you were born in American your American. I can trace my roots back to the Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, and several other countries and I don't walk around saying I'm a Neswirland American... NO I was born right here I'm just American.

And while I'm on my ranting rage what the hell is up with Parents! I swear we are doomed in our old age. I was reading the news and My Space won't be charged with negligence in the case of a girl who committed suicide because someone was mean to her. I applauded the fact that My space wouldn't be held responsible for something her mother should have been monitoring a little better! I am responsible for my boys it's my job to make sure I know what it going on in their lives. I am the one that is held accountable and trying to pawn my responsibility off on someone else would make me a bad parent. Wake up and start raising your own children people, don't use the Internet for a babysitter you need to know who your kids are talking to online and exactly what they are doing on and off line. That isn't being nosy or invading their space it's called being a responsible parent. No one ever said you have to be friends with your kids. They are not looking for a friend they are looking for you to guide them to adulthood. I love my kids and they love me, but we are not always friends because I have to be their mother above all and sometimes they are not going to like me, sometimes they even hate me, but it goes with the job.
Stop trying to make the government take responsibility for your children and their behavior if you wanted someone else to raise them you shouldn't have had them! I think it's horrible that the little girl killed herself over some mean neighbors, but come on it's the internet and if you don't know what kinds of freaks inhabit this little world then you might want to spend a little more time googling before you turn your children loose here!

I could go on and on and on about all the crap that I find insane, but I have to go to hockey now!

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