Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Christmas Letter

I didn't even send Christmas cards this year! I've been a slacker. Today I'm going to brave the stores and finish my shopping. I normally procrastinate, but this year has been really bad. I just can't get into the spirit of Christmas. It's been awhile since I have had that Christmas joy. Really since Steve and I had a huge fight about 5 years ago my Christmas Spirit has been ruined, and I'll probably never get it back. That's just one of the joys of marriage, your spouse will eventually ruin something you hold dear, like Christmas. I figure if we can get along the other 11 months out of the year we're doing ok though.

The boys are still excited, and I try to enjoy their joy and happiness. We will be going to my mom's Christmas day for dinner, and we are going to try to be there by about 11:30, which is really going to be pushing it with the big guy in red making his appearance at our house. The boys will be busy checking out their goods. A lot of it will be a big disappoint for them until we get to my mom's. Santa is bringing several ps2 games, and their play station got broken. Aunt Jo got them a new one, but they are not going to know that until they get to granny's house. So it will be fun for me to say "Oh Santa must not have known yours was broken. I bet I can have him bring me the receipt and we can return this stuff when the stores open again." and then when they open the new one my sister got them I get to be excited and say "Aunt Jo must of talked to Santa!"

Thankfully David still believes in Santa, but it helps that even I still get stuff from the big guy, and working at the school I get to do a lot of damage control. We were at school the other day and some of the kids were saying that Santa wasn't real, and David brought a big group over to me on the play ground to prove that he is alive and well. They were all really surprised and impressed that I still believe in Santa and get stuff from him. I told some of them that is was sad they didn't believe, because once you stop believing that's when he stops showing up! Hopefully my boys believe for several more years!

Well that's it. You all have a Merry Christmas and the best New Year ever!

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