Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wow there are only 4 days until Steve gets home. If you asked me at the beginning of this journey if I missed him I would have given you a response much different than the one right now. When he first left I was like well a little time apart won't be that hard. I'm use to him being gone anyway, because he's gone a more than he is home.

It is true he is gone more than he is home, but he comes home. He might be gone 4 days and home 2 and then gone 6 more, but at least I get to see him for those 2 days. Over the past 2 months I have not had those 2 days and I miss them. I miss the way I lay my head in his lap and he twrils my hair in his fingers as we watch TV. I miss the way his foot always finds mine while we are sleeping. I miss the way he plays with the boys. I miss the sex oh boy do I miss that, but that's another type of entry and I don't post about that on the internet. I just plain miss him, and I'm ready for him to come home so I can be content with him coming and going all the time, because at least he is home some then.

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