Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Gather round

Every once in awhile I start writing a new story... I have yet to finish one. I am not a very good writer, but I do love doing it. Today I thought crap I don't have anything else to share so I'll share my latest soon to me stuffed in a file I have named stories I may someday finish...

The cold night air surrounded her like a blanket, the numbing effect of the bitter chill should have made her want to seek refuge indoors, but she kept walking farther away from the shelter of the house. The tears froze to her cheeks as she wandered aimlessly into the night. The kids needed her now more than ever, and if she didn't have them she would lay down in the snow and gladly except whatever fate came her way. The thought of her children gave her some strength, but she wondered if she would be enough for them. It was never in her big plan to raise them all on her own, even when things were at there very worst in her marriage she chose to stick it out and keep her family in tact.

She fell to her knees in the snow, buried her head in her hands and wept. "Damn you!" she screamed, "Damn you for doing this to me!" the tears warmed her cheeks before they froze in a puddle in front of her. Time, that's what she had heard for the last day and a half, it's going to take time to heal, well she didn't want to heal; she wanted her life back the way it was, even the bad times were better than what she had now. The familiar sound of her oldest son's voice brought her back to the world of the living. She stood, brushed the snow off, composed herself as best as she could, and walked back towards the house.

"I'm here, baby." She called to him as she waved her hand in the air. He stood in the doorway waiting for her. She watched as his grandmother walked up behind him. The nerve of that woman she thought, and she wished she would just go home and leave them alone. It wasn't as if she was really concerned for them, she hadn't really cared about them in all this time and it was too late to start caring now. She tried to think back to a time when her mother in law had cared, but she couldn't recall one. Oh she showed up for birthdays and Christmas, but that was about it, and she resented the woman for that and always had.

"Amy what are you doing out here?" her mother in law tried to acted worried, but they had known each other long enough that there really was no need to pretend. Amy wanted to yell at her to go away, but she wouldn't, not with her son standing there.

"I just needed some air." She said as she walked up the steps to her home, their home that seemed so empty now without him in it. She took Joe's hand and brushed past her mother in law, took a deep breath and proceeded to go in and face the family that had gathered at her house. Her 3 boys gathered around her protectively, as if guarding her from a vicious mob. Her boys so young, yet so aware of what was going on. Joey was only 12, and that was far too young to have to be so worried about his own mother. Parents were the ones that needed to worry for their children not the other way around. These boys would be her guiding light, and with them she would weather this storm.

Amy looked around at the people gathered in her living room, his family. They had come for selfish reasons she was sure of that, but she couldn't be sure what their motives were just yet. She was sure that they were not getting a thing from her or her boys she would see to that.

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