Sunday, October 15, 2006

365 days

The average life span in America is about 75 years. 75 years use to seem like a long time, you know I would see an older person and think wow they have had a long life... Then I got to thinking just how many days it is. 75 years is only 27,375 days. I was really taken back by that. I have been alive for 12,795 days that only gives me 14,580 days, give or take a few years, left. I have wasted at least 2,555 of the days I have already had, and I don't get a do over for those days. It just isn't enough time! I want forever or at least 100,000 days. I don't think that 274 years is that long really, heck I'd even take 50,000 days that is only 137 years! Our time here is just so very short, we are gone in the blink of an eye when it come right down to it. Make good use of your days while you have them, because a day goes by so fast and they are numbered!

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