Friday, April 07, 2006


10 year old black lab female. Owners had to move and could not take her with them. House broke, affectionate, good with children and other pets.

Now how the hell do you move and leave your 10 year old dog behind? I would have given anything to have another year with Doc his healthy happy self. I mean lets face it I spent 1700 buck in 5 days trying to make that happen. I guess there are people who have dogs, and then there are people who love their dogs.

Steve works with this guy from another state. He just got out of the military and his wife is still in the old state. He came here for a job, and she stayed saying she was going to let the kids finish school there. He ends up sleeping in his car and not eating because he is sending all his money to the wife and kids, and they can't afford 2 rent payments.

My view is that if she truly loved him and wanted to make a life with him she would have packed up the kids and gone with her husband so that he could support her. If Steve got transfered somewhere else I'd be packing boxes right now there wouldn't be any I may come up later. She has not come up one weekend to see him and she is only about 5 hours away. How do you justify your husband, who is paying your way, sleeping in his car to make sure you still have a roof over your head. That is sad.

Their is a new little boy in Colton's class at school. He doesn't have any friends, because as Colton says "he is a whine bag and no one wants to play with a whine bag. He gives me a headache!" I have seen the child 2 times and the on both occassions he has been a whine bag. He gave me a headache too!

Why does his mother put up with such behavior? I wouldn't let my kids get away with that. Mine get in a whiny mood and they get sent to bed, because I am not going to listen to that crap. At least we know where Colton gets it!

Steve wanted to throw Doc's ashes in the back yard! What the hell is up with that? Doc never went outside unless he had to. He perfered to be in the house. It was always warmer or cooler in the house than outside. Not to meantion there are not any beds or couches to lay on outside.

Still I'd rather have his ashes sprinkled in the back yard than have had him stuffed and sitting in the living room. That is what David said we should have done with him. I think we are keeping him right where he is on top of the tv where I can talk to him whenever I want to.

I was reading some of those email meme things today and I got one with the question "your house is on fire what are the things you make sure you get out?"
My kids, the dogs, the guinea pigs, and doc's ashes. Those are the only things that really matter when it come right down to it. Everything else is replacable or not worth risking my life to save.

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