Wednesday, April 05, 2006

swimming against the current

It's been really difficult getting past the whole Doc experience. I have not wanted to do anything especially blog. I am behind on everyones lives! I am gonna try to get caught up on that as well as laundry today. Anyone who has children will laugh at that last bit there. It is simply impossible to keep the laundry done. It seems like I spend days washing and drying clothes only to find an even larger pile waiting for me the next morning. Then David has out grown all his pants, which baffles me because they fit him a month ago and now they are all to short and to tight. He looks like he is wearing Colton's pants. Cam use to share pants with Colton, but now he can wear the ones D is growning out of and I had to dig around in the hand me down boxes to find bigger ones for Colton. Which means I have even more laundry to mess with now, because I have to go through and sort all the ones that don't fit anybody anymore. It won't be long before they are all wearing Steve's jeans!

The boys started swimming lessons on Monday. Cam and Colton love it, but David isn't so keen on them. He wants to get in the water and play around, but he really doesn't care about learning to really swim.

Colton starts soccer the 18th of this month. He hates ice skating so I don't have to worry about dishing out the funds for him to play hockey! He is just kind of looking around to figure out what his sport is. That is what he told me anyway, so I hope he likes soccer. It is much cheaper than hockey or baseball.

I get my garden back this summer. Last summer they were working on the siding and I couldn't have it. I really missed walking out and picking some tomatoes for lunch. This year I am planking okra. I have no clue if it will even grow here, but I figured I'd give it a try. There is nothing like fried okra it's better than candy. So I got my little trays to start everything inside this year. Usually I just go buy starter plants, but I was over excited about actually having fresh veggies that I had to get them started now!

The guinea pigs have not left the house again. So I think the boys got the message not to take them outside. At least I hope they did! Buddy dog is still terrified of them. He is pretty sure that they could eat him up within seconds! Jake could careless about them one way or the other.

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