Sunday, February 25, 2007

Long time!

Well It's been awhile. I've been to busy to read and to busy to write. Last weekend we had out state games and I was at the rink all weekend. The boys did awesome, David's team took the gold and Cam's team took the bronze. This weekend Cam got to had out the awards for the high school championship, and we watch the kids play. There were some amazing games of hockey played this weekend. We don't have hockey all weekend, and yet we still managed to spend half our weekend there. I think something must be wrong with us!

Colton thinks he might play next year... and then I'm really in trouble. I will have 10 practices a week to make it through. We'll manage one way or another, but it won't be fun, oh who am I trying to kid the boys love playing and I love watching them!

That's all I have. I'm tried and trying to get the house cleaned up this weekend. We go to Rapid next weekend and both boys play there.

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