Tuesday, February 28, 2006

back through the years

We were all sitting around watching animal planet the other night, when a picture of a goat popped up on the screen. One of the boys made a comment that we should get us a goat. Now my experience with goats is limited, and there is a reason why I enjoy keeping it that way. It all started when I was a young girl. We were attending a family reunion in Colorado Spring. We discover a little place called Santa's workshop or as I like to call it the place of the evil child eating goats. We got our tickets, which were very much like the lift tickets you get when sking.

So there we are wondering around this little place and we come upon this pen full of cute little goats. There must of been about 100 of these awful devil creatures lurking about the pen. Oh they knew the game all to well standing there looking all innocent and friendly. My Aunt, sister, mom, and I all wander in to feed and pet them. They were excellent hunters, stalking their prey, waiting for just the right moment to strike, my mom and sister left first followed closely by my aunt, and that is when it happened. The gate swung shut behind her and the goats made their move swarming around me, pushing and crowding. They began taking bites out of my ticket, my coat, my hair, and anything else they could put in their mouths. I struggled to get away from them, trying to push them away from me, but the more I pushed forward the more they pushed me back. Finally my aunt notices that I am no longer with the group and turns to see that I am about to be goat lunch. She yelled to my mother, and came charging in to rescue me from these deranged child eating goats. I will forever be greatful to her for saving my life that day! We quickly put the goat pen behind us and moved on to some rides. We get to the first one and I say I can't go they ate my ticket. So mom tells the guy what happened and he goes "yeah they do that all the time." My aunt and my mom were horrified that they let people in with man eating goats. All I could think was I wonder how many children they actually eat before someone noticed they are gone, cause at the rate they were chewing on me they could had me devoured bones and all in about 3 minutes!

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